The best and fastest way to learn Umbraco is through the official Master classes that are running every month in most regions.

The masterclasses are ran by either the Umbraco HQ or by the most experienced community heroes and use thoroughly tested materials to ensure you’ll return as a fully skilled Umbraco craftsperson.

Get it right from the beginning

While Umbraco is a simple tool, it’s important that you use it the right way. The Level 1 master class is designed to make sure that any Web Developer - also with no previous ASP.NET knowledge - can create advanced multi-lingual sites by the end of the course.


Become an expert

Once you know the basics, you can step up your game by attending the Level 2 master class. While the first masterclass is focused on implementing a site, this Masterclass will teach you how the .net APIs work and how to integrate and extend Umbraco. Whether that’s creating content programmatically or integrating a third party e-commerce engine or CRM.


Worth the investment

All attendees at the official Umbraco Masterclasses receive a certification which is the best way to make yourself noticed in the Umbraco ecosystem. So whether you’re looking to move up in the ranks of your company or are a free agent, you shouldn’t be doing Umbraco without becoming certified. The investment will come back many times, so make sure to keep an eye out for a Masterclass near you.