Born global, loving local

If you can’t make it to CodeGarden, that doesn’t mean you have to miss the chance of hanging out with the Umbraco community and finally - if you can’t come to the community, why not have the community come to you by starting a local user group?

Umbraco Meetups

From London to New York, from Denmark in the north to Australia in the south - there’s local Umbraco User groups all over the world that arrange regular meetups. The format is usually a laid back atmosphere where people share their knowledge and new people are always welcome. So make sure to check out for a local group and if you’re not lucky, why not start one - it’s not that hard.


Local Festivals

Inspired by CodeGarden, there’s more and more annual local Umbraco events. Originated from the community in the United Kingdom, there’s “Umbraco Festivals” going on in many countries around the world. These are one day events packed with sessions that often combine advanced Umbraco topics with discussing how local awareness can be improved. And as they are driven by the community and often sponsored by local Umbraco partners, they’re usually very inexpensive events to attend.