Different Flowers Make a Bouquet

It may only take two to tango, but a party worth remembering is a completely different story.

Umbraco is a huge family

including its share of drunk uncles, scary mothers in-law, supercilious grandfathers and loud kids. Yet, while some may prefer sticking to their own class, it’s exactly the diversity that makes us great.

Without diversity, status quo becomes king. At Umbraco we don’t believe in the status quo. We believe it’s the sum of our differences - whether designer, developer or editor, whether nationality, religion or gender, heck, whether Apple or PC - that it’s the nutrition for moving forward.

When you open your eyes for the qualities in other people, you open up an astounding opportunity to learn. Our world - and our differences - is a buffet of eye-opening knowledge just waiting for you. So make sure to treat everyone friendly and with the highest respect. Don't be the judge.